The Hunter and The Styled is a luxury hire and consignment business that offers our clients quality designer handbags.

Our purpose is to make designer handbags more accessible to the Canberra Market.

It is our mission to ensure our customers are always satisfied and have a seamless shopping experience. We are also passionate about sustainable fashion and giving handbags a second life. We aim to play our part in reducing fashion waste and the impact that has on our environment. 


The Hunter and The Styled is Co-Founded by three fashion-loving women who are business-oriented with a passion and drive in anything they do. Canberra locals, Isabella, Melissa and Olivia are here to introduce the Canberra market to the forefront of luxury fashion. As your Hunters, these women promise quality authentic designer handbags, ready to be styled!


Q: What's your favourite brand?

ISABELLA: I don't think I can choose just one! I'd say Versace, Balenciaga and Balmain are my favourites. I am obsessed with their branding and the pieces they produce are always beautiful and iconic. 
MELISSA: I have always loved Louis Vuitton, I feel like it's so timeless and has become a part of my personal style. 
OLIVIA : Most recently I have fallen in love with Fendi, I love the history behind the brand and the craftsmanship that goes into their products.

Q: What's your most used handbag?

ISABELLA: Probably my Celine Micro Luggage Handbag - it fits everything I need and goes with every outfit. A classic bag that's great for the daytime and has lasted me for a long time.
MELISSA: My Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, it is so versatile! I love that I can also take it from day to night.
OLIVIA : My most used handbag has to be my Louis Vuitton Alma, in the medium size. It was my first designer bag purchase that I gifted myself for my 21st birthday. I use it everyday for work to carry all my essentials and I can easily style with multiple outfits.

Q: What's a good go to evening bag?

ISABELLA: The Mini Jodi Bottega Venetta is a great choice! The bag in parakeet is such a fun statement piece and pop of colour on a night out.
MELISSA: YSL! I go between a YSL Wallet On Chain to a YSL Kate. They are the perfect evening bag size, fitting all the essentials.
OLIVIA: I usually go straight to YSL for evening bags, they are easy to pair with any outfit and are extremely durable. My go-to has been the YSL Toy Lou Lou.

Q: Who's your fashion icon?

ISABELLA: Blake Lively and Rihanna are my top fashion icons. They both dress to showcase their personality while taking risks and having fun with fashion. They can go from nailing a classic elegant look to a fierce and bold outfit.
MELISSA: Kim Kardashian. She is consistently on the forefront of the latest trends and isn't afraid to take a risk. 
OLIVIA: I can't say I look to one person as my fashion icon. I find that I often look to my older cousins and take inspiration from their style.

Q: What do you love most about being a Hunter?

ISABELLA: Being able to participate in sustainable fashion while being surrounded by handbags that are beautiful and made with so much love and care! We get to help make these pieces accessible and share our love of handbags with others!
MELISSA: Handbags are my passion! So the fact that I get to work with designer handbags for a job is a dream come true!
OLIVIA:  I love that Bella, Melissa and I have created a brand and concept that we are all so passionate about. I am excited about making designer fashion easily accessible to the Canberra market.

Q: What's the one item you'd never leave home without?

ISABELLA: My AirPods! I wake up and go to bed listening to music - a good song can get you through any kind of day.
MELISSA: My mobile phone. I run my entire life from my phone.
OLIVIA: Has to be my phone. I have everything I need on my phone and live off my reminders app.